Lavender Hill Pumpkins 
A family Pumpkin FARM
Fallbrook, California

Lavender Hill Pumpkins is a family owned and tended pumpkin farm located in the little town of Fallbrook, California. We grow a selection of varieties that produce unusually large or unique pumpkins. This year’s crop includes about ten thousand pumpkins in three dozen varieties, ranging from the very large to the very small, from the mildly eccentric to the shamelessly grotesque.

On the jumbo end we have the North Atlantic Giant (up to 300 pounds, milky orange, lush and beautiful), and the Prizewinner (the quintessential giant with a traditional orange skin). If you’re hankering for a unique shape, we have the French variety Rouge Vif d’Etampes which produces a striking, medium sized, flat pumpkin with distinct lobes and an unusual russet coat (the kind Cinderella drove). Or, if diminutive is more your style, we have Jack B. Little and Munchkin, endearing miniature varieties. Then there are the Aussie mavericks Jarrahdale, Queensland Blue and Triamble. They're beautiful to look at-- a glossy grayish green-- and they're delicious. The Lunga di Napoli pumpkin resembles a zucchini gone berserk: it reaches up to three feet in length, and inside there's enough gorgeous bright orange flesh to feed a crowd. Nubbly Marina di Chioggia is emerging as a gourmet staple. Sleek Long Island Cheese, charming Johnny Gruelle, lacy Galeuse d'Eysines, and subtly colored Porcelain Doll can transform an autumnal table, sideboard or mantle. And these are a mere sampling of the five dozen varieties!

Our pumpkins are organically grown and watered from a well on the farm. The crop is tended by our family, and as the pumpkins mature over the summer, we get fond of them and some of the most distinctive specimens acquire titles: Charlemagne, Boadicea, The Good, The Bad, The Ugly, Queen Victoria, Pippin, Ichabod, Falstaff, Cleopatra, Thumbelina, Thumbelina’s Little Brother, Chorky, Titania, Tall Boy, Pippi, Jeeves. We grow pumpkins because, well, we love pumpkins. Yes, it's absurd, but we even get rather attached, as it turns out. ("How did it go today, Mikey?" "Close call! A couple came by and  almost bought Zeus, but thank goodness they changed their minds and got three  smaller ones instead...") The vines are spectacular, and if you’re in the Fallbrook area during the growing season (July through October), you just might want to glide by Mission Road and have a look at the green jungle where the behemoths are growing.

Lavender Hill Pumpkins: the place to bring children for pumpkin picking, an easy drive from Temecula, Bonsall, Escondido, Vista, Carlsbad, Oceanside, San Diego, and many other communities throughout San Diego County, Orange County, Los Angeles, and Riverside.


Welcome to Our Pumpkin Farm

Lavender Hill Pumpkins • 1509 East Mission Road

    Fallbrook, CA 92028 • (760) 715-8495

Open for the 2019 Season!

We are delighted to say that the pumpkin field

at Lavender Hill Pumpkins is going strong this year! 

We look forward to seeing you!

OPENING WEEKEND: September 27, 28, 29

Current photos of the crop may be found here:

---Mike and Libby Pierce